Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Gots Nuthin'

Actually back to work finally, not much time for playing on the laptop. As I am now purging, the Sporty may be shipping out this week, so I had it in for a little cleaning-up and perhaps a last goodbye.


  1. Been a while Herm, great to see the choppy chop moving along, heat stressed paint is so race . . . alligators, shoot, you got it all in your neck of Jerkwater county.

  2. Well...you gots a couple of cool hounds....a nice proposal model for that full-scale Caterpillar sculpture you've always wanted to erect in the Jerkwater town square (well, when there is a Jerkwater town square...), and the neatest leaning tower barrelesque...uh...what ever the heck that thing is...what is it? (And I won't even ask why there is a bicycle climbing it...)...and shootfire, a ribbed fender on that chop...for the pleasure of chopper fans far and wide...