Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scorched Paint and Reptiles

Spent some quality time in the shop laying down some passable British racing stripes, following the spirit, if not the letter, of Mr. Loveless' instructions. Turned out ok, but as I inspected the inside of the tank I saw that the tank seal was flaking. Seems there was some rust in the tank before I sealed it, so I put it through the cleaning process. First dropping a handful of fence staples into the tank and shaking the hell out of it between cussing under my breath and guzzles of cold beer.

The staples and shaking got rid of the loose shit, so I filled the tank with muriatic acid and let it sit for an hour. I emptied the tank and flushed it with water. I then proceeded to quick-dry the tank. Lacking hair, and therefore a hair dryer, I placed it in front of the fire-breathing bullet heater. It dried quite nicely, but sadly caused third degree burns on the fresh tank, so it's back to square one with tank paint.

The weather was too nice, (first time the temp cracked 70 degrees in 180 days) to be cooped up in the shop screwing up shit, so I went out to enjoy the warmth and, after the coldest winter in recent memory, there was a f@#king alligator basking in the sun on the banks of the hermit pond eyeballing my ducks with bad intent.


  1. No sheeet!??! A gator? Good gravy, not half as easy as a snapping turtle to evict I'd imagine. And I was complaining about mosquitoes the other day...

  2. looking good herm, very smart, are you left-handed? i only ask because i would have gone with the stripe on the left hand side of the tank, i actually like the scorched paint on the tank, i like to think i could live with it but my cronic o.c.d wouldn't allow it i'm afraid, [although saying that, i just ran my four-speed, rigid sporty in bare metal, no paint at all, just something i had to do at the time, but there was something really emancipating about not having to worry about scuffing up glossy paint] and as for gator's, pah! soft bloody yanks bitching and whining, i got bit by an ant pulling weed's on thursday........

  3. I think a gator hide seat would look great on that chopper,may even have enough left over for a saddle bag. To bad about the scorch,stripe looks cool though.
    This weather is about a bitch,sweating yesterday working the yard. Freezing with snow today????

  4. No earthquakes in Jerkwater Larry, so I'll take our snappers, gators and pterodactyls.

    Loveless: I'm right handed but dyslexic, so there's no telling where the next set of stripes are going. I just know that I now get a do-over. As we all know, nothing says British racing like a heavy, sluggish Amërïkän v-twin.

    B.C: Yep, 74 degrees on Saturday and snow flurries tomorrow morning. Yeesh! The gator seat sounds awesome, but this gator measures about six inches nose to tail. If I can find his twin brother, they might make a nice set of grips.

    1. 6 inches...? So , I guess that wasn't a monolithic chunk of granite it was sunning bad as the time I saw 'Plymouth Rock' as a kid. The old geezer dressed as a pilgrim that manned the 'Shrine' that houses the 'rock', said everybody is disappointed when they see the little chunk of stone there....oh well...

    2. Sorry to disappoint, Larry. Like Elvis' "death" and the moon "landing," this is a complete fake.