Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witch in the Kitchen

Not sure if she's in the kitchen. She can't seem to get off the ground, so she obviously has the wrong kind of broom. Not really feelin' this one. No cat or cauldron. I'm not even sure which witch is which.

It's Halloween, so someone's gobblin' that goblin.


  1. Looks like Sabrina's channeling her inner Jimi...maybe a little bit of Carlos "Black Magic Woman"...

  2. Looks like that Right Nipple is givin' her an issue the way She's Blowing on it like a Birthday Candle! Git-it Empris Nipple!!!

    1. Yep Paul, she's cooling that mutha' off so it can become "colder than a witch's titty."

  3. this picture is a fake i'm afraid, if you look at the barometer reading, [to the right of the young lady] you can clearly see that theres high pressure coming in and no way do you get that in late october, fake, fake, fake.....