Friday, February 14, 2014

Cold and Soggy in Torreya State Park

It was with some sadness I left the riverbank along the coast, but the hounds of discontent were nipping at my heels telling me it's time to move on. So move on I did, in a complete deluge, the little camper hydroplaning its way behind me like a drunken water-skier. Arrived at my desolate campsite near the Georgia / Alabama border. Thirty- eight degrees and in a steady rain, I set up my rig on a pathetic, soggy campsite, crawled inside, soaked and dispirited. Turned the heater up to 11 and shook off the shivers. Times like these I figure this beats the hell out of two wheels and a tent.
My smartphone screen has developed a noticeable wiggle and my toenails have become as the talons of a winged creature from Greek mythology. Sputnik affects a Pavlovian response when she senses the proximity to a state park entrance, sitting up tall in the saddle, ears erect and expectant.

I'm in the absolute center of nowhere. Fifty miles to the nearest Wal-Mart, I'm out of supplies and Central Standard Time is kicking my ass.


  1. As you alluded to my dear traveller, it could be worse . . . get some nail clippers.

  2. It is amazing how much precipitation your side of the Island is getting. This coast is finally getting some wet stuff, and snow...which I'll go investigate tomorrow. Must be a Rock and Roll heater...goes to 11....

  3. Toenail clippers are at the top of my shopping list Whitey.
    Glad to hear you guys are finally getting rain out there Larry, I know you don't get much in the summer even in a good year.
    And oh hell yeah, my camper is fitted with the deluxe, Spinal Tap heating system.