Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rollin' All Nite

Got me a roller. Looks good with a twenty-one inch front. But, with a big Avon on the rear I can't fit a lead battery behind the seat post. Don't want to use a round tank/battery box combos, (yeech!!) I'm going to try a lithium 8 cell, according to the manufacturer's specs it should (maybe) start the 1200.

Using very limited fabrication skills and a block of wood as a dummy battery, I put a battery box, (basket) together between shots, beers and sardines.

As the night wore on I came to several conclusions:

1. I shouldn't breathe kerosene fumes and weld in my underwear.

2. My dog will greedily eat those nasty sardine vertebrae and dropped crackers.

3. When armed only with a knife, 'tis better to gently cajole an olive out of the jar as opposed to a wanton stabbing motion.

4. If I were a woman I would like to be called Cynthia.


  1. Even when kitted out with leather welding gear...some how sparks manage to find their way into my underwear....

    Liking the way your bike is looking, at this early stage. Been thinking I might start in on my Chopped Triumph project soon, as it really would probably come together quicker than my 'restoration' projects.