Thursday, July 18, 2013


Work has finally caught up to the point where I can spend a little time on the rigid project. The fender mount wasn't working with the high profile tire so I had to cut it off and shave about a half inch to allow for some chain adjustment. Looks like it will work now. Seat installation will require similar cutting and grinding. I came to a conclusion while working out there in the 90 degree  heat and 80% humidity. I need more beer and one of those big ass shop fans in the worst way.

With the proper amount of deceit and trickery I may be able to wrest some time away for another bike trip. I need to hit the road again, should be snow and ice free this time.


  1. Good job on all counts mate, get yer ya ya's out.

  2. Everyone needs a big fan. Also, I hope you take us along again for your next road trip.

  3. Nice pictures, the reflection of the shop and rigid frame are very cool...Now you got to figure a way to safety wire those pannier lids to the bike...

  4. I hope to get my ya ya's waaaay out and yes, I'll try to report all the salacious details in this forum.
    The pannier lids will be secured if I have to safety pin them to my shirt!