Friday, July 19, 2013

Truckin' Friday

Took this pic at the weekend car show.
Love the Model TT. It was an inexpensive everyman's truck. I currently own two Ford Rangers I use for work. One is the base model, an '01 with all vinyl, and the little four cylinder. It's inexpensive, economical and underpowered, but will run forever on a tank of gas and bulletproof. It was the modern version of Henry Ford's Tin Lizzy pickup.
Sadly, Ford discontinued the whole Ranger line in the US a few years ago. The base Ranger sold for around $13,500 brand new. Now Ford buyers, interested in a small economical truck will have to buy the F-150. Nice truck, but will cost at least $21,000.
I've been driving Fords for twenty-five years, but sadly when I need to replace my smaller trucks, I may be forced to buy a Toyota. Or maybe I'll just retire, move to Key west where I'll fish all morning and sell T-shirts in the afternoon.

Grandpa Walton used to drive a Model TT when he hauled a load of freshly milled lumber down to Ike Godsey's General Store. If Grandpa Walton was a pimp he'd probably driven the red model, lowered with twenty inch chrome spinners. I always suspected Grandpa Walton was a closet Gangsta' Rapper and was secretly banging the Baldwin Sisters.


  1. I agree that the Truck is a Very Sweet Ride indeed but... I owned a 70 Monte Carlo like the one Parked next to the Red Baron there in the Picture. As far as living in the Keys goes that also sounds like a cool plan as long as you can afford it! How long do you think you can stand eating Fish everyday? Fried Fish, Baked Fish...

  2. I should have snapped a pic of the Monte for you Paul. As far as The Keys, it's all a pipe dream.

    Number one, I can't afford it unless I slept on the beach.

    Number two, every one in The Keys already has a T-shirt.

    Number three, with my luck at fishing, I'd probably be eating pizza crust out of dumpsters.

  3. Brother I hear ya!That must be why it's considered one of the "Vacation Capital's of the World", stay a while... then get your azz home! I've been there a couple of times and I know that there are alot of other Beaches I'd rather hang out at!

  4. Didn't realize the Rangers were kaput, course I rarely visit a dealership or pay attention...
    I've got a '94 Ranger with the four-banger, and have to agree they are nice little trucks. Mine's been side-lined with 2 bent valves ( no fault of it's...had a stuck throttle incident caused by a corroded throttle cable that should have been replaced years ago,,,). Lately, in the space between my ears, I've been throwing around the idea of throwing the engine/drive-train from it under an old Model-T basket case I've been carting around for years...who knows? Or, just get it running as it was again. Do your truck bodies suffer corrosion problems in your state? My Ranger was from the coast, and seemed to suffer from the near/ocean environment. If the bods are not bad, maybe you should just restore them till parts get to be a problem...

  5. Yep Larry, Ford made no big anouncement. I was picking up a part at the dealership and the guy said it was a shame they weren't producing them anymore. I was shocked. He said a lot of people are pissed. Just makes too much sense to offer a cheap, reliable truck.
    My 01 has a little rust showing on the bottom of the door. My 07 is kept in the garage and coddled, no rust on it........yet.