Friday, September 20, 2013

Color Me Green

As a former Military Policeman, I salute my brother soldier from a bygone era. When I served in the seventies, we were told we were all one color....GREEN!
As one can plainly see by the picture below I was a handsome, dashing, un-colored young soldier willing to defend my country from the forces of evil. I was the worst MP ever, the only guy I ever arrested was a drunk who jumped me while I was on gate duty. As my tour was drawing to a close, stationed in Louisiana and riding my Kawi around post with reckless abandon, my superiors tried to get me to re-enlist with the promise of Motorcycle Duty.
I was wise to them though. Yeah, there was a sweet old Panhead dripping oil in the motor pool, but "Motorcycle Duty" consisted of riding the Bike about two miles, parking it, and performing traffic control during the rush hours, then riding it back and parking it. When my tour was up I jumped on my Kaw and headed for California.

By the way, top speed on that Jeep was 45 mph. Not a real good pursuit vehicle.


  1. You made the right decision it would appear mate . . . as Laz said, two great pics for entirely separate reasons . . . the times they are a changin'.

  2. hermit, i had an 'action man' figure in the late sixties, read what you may into this, 'doll's for boy's' and all that old malarkey, this was a time when the vietnam war was in full swing, i was bombarded with images of a war, far away in a foreign land, i didn't really understand the whole politics back then as a child, i just knew my action man 'palitoy' figure was the coolest thing ever, your second photo reminded me of him, respect due to you, you served.....

  3. It was the all-volunteer, post Viet Nam army. The only thing I did that was even remotely heroic was to develop an ability to drink rum and smoke weed til 0300 and still make formation at 0500 and run five miles without puking...........usually.