Friday, November 22, 2013

R.I.P. President Kennedy

A sad day. I was five and don't remember the assassination,  (I think my parents shielded it from me) but I do remember my dad stayed home from work and I stayed home from school to watch the funeral on our old black and white TV.

Sadly, our current president's ideology differs from Kennedy's and is more in line with Oswald's.

I weep for my country.


  1. You and me both Herm.If someone were to awake from a Rip Vanwinkle nap and take a look around....OMG WTF happened????

  2. When the current Prez was elected into office I went to see my Favorite Ink Pounding Mistress to get my Rebelion Tat which is a Flag that is 1/2 American Flag and the other half Confederate, they are Upside-Down! Our Country is Truely is Deep Dispair & Distress and it's going to be a long hard ride... for all of us!

  3. I hear ya' BC. The whole f#@kin' world is turned upside down, half the people are working to pay for the free ride of the other half. Just like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

    Paul, keep your powder dry for the next Revolution brother!