Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a happy and preposterous new year!


  1. I heard Jules Verne had a motorcycle...Happy New Years to you Hermit...and your blog.

  2. happy new year hermit and to all the resident's of jerkwater u.s.a, got to go, the good folk of derbyshire seem to be going from house to house with, their way lit by flaming lantern's and armed with knuckle-dusters, axes, shotguns and pitch-forks, apparently looking for 'the beast with painted nail's' ooh-arrh, you ain't seen me right..........

  3. I'm liking how the project turned out mate, ready to take on the imminent apocalypse with confidence, HNY good buddy, it's been a wonderfully weird treat thus far, keep up the Nyquil intake.