Monday, December 2, 2013



1. involving or limited to basic principles
2. not very developed or advanced

That's the word that kept coming to the forefront my whiskey-addled mind Friday as I worked deep into the night.

Fabricated the top motor mount, will probably strengthen it by adding some gussets. Played around with the idea of hanging the coil behind the engine, a-la stock Dyna, but decided it didn't look right, and mounted it under the top mount instead.
With Deep Purple and Dwight Yoakum blaring through cheap speakers and bouncing off of the metal walls, I was inspired to construct a high-tech instrument cluster, complete with hardware store switches and an oil pressure idiot light only an idiot could love. Next, maybe a frame-mounted tab to hold the Corona-capped choke knob, cigarette lighter and cup holder armrests?

Working with no deadlines or timetable, and concentrating on one piece at a time, I sometimes lose track of the concept that this may be a completed bike someday.


  1. I love lamp . . . and bike . . . and idiots.

  2. Home built,one piece at a time,as it should be. Half the fun are the different change ups along the way. I don't condone drinking and driving,at the same time, but the armrest thing sounds cool.

  3. dear Hermit...rudimentary. Looking like good progress. Gotta get back to my projects soon...

  4. Nice to know we idiots think alike, Whitey.
    BC, as much as I dig the craftsmanship and out-of-the-box work of a Jesse Rooke, Chica etc. I still like some of the garage-built stuff best.
    Larry, you need to get out of Alemeda and back to work.

  5. Enjoying the build posts!
    The hacienda walls, here, are subjected to an eclectic barrage of music as well...Chris LeDoux to the Creatures...stay warm and don't forget to feed el gato!

    1. Yep Vaquero, gotta' have the shop tunes. And, the cat's getting fat.