Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Laundry Day

Nice stainless steel front-loader.
Despite the poorly placed window and scattered clothing, she gets the seal.


  1. Indeed, good posture, despite gravity doing its best to interrupt the point of balance.

  2. i must admit, this post has been bothering me, the rack above the washing machine should surely be higher so that the laundry doesn't sit on top of the washer? if you hung a pair of slacks on a hanger they would be creased? as for a shirt, imagine the damage to the cuff's dragging? a really poorly designed laundry room in my opinion, i stand to be corrected, but really, pah, some folk's just don't get it.....

    1. Loveless, I concur completely. For the poorly placed closet pole, braziers and panties scattered about willy-nilly, and the aforementioned window placement, I have stripped her of the Good Housekeeping Seal, relegating her to the status of common washwoman.
      Don't know how I missed it.

  3. I don't suppose she will get her knickers in a bunch...she seems to like being unencumbered...