Monday, March 10, 2014

Rust always Creeps

As I tarried down south, my neglected rigid project sat idle, the frame developing a coat of rust. So, with the engine hanging like a convicted horse thief, shrouded in mystery and greasy shop rags, I fabbed a small kickstand extension and wire-wheeled the frame back to bare metal. Then gave everything a coat of rattle-can primer to stop the bleeding. Not wishing to waste precious shop heat, I gave the 'Zuke a much needed oil change and sorted maintenance, hoping for some decent weather.
Soon... maybe?????


  1. Always feel cold looking at the pics after I've read the blurb . . . weirdorama.

  2. Lookin' good you they would let you have that phone box for free if you uprooted it...(course you might need a jackhammer...). Would make a killer oil filter protector...

  3. 70 degrees today Whitey, but six inches of snow and a low of 5 degrees above tomorrow, weirdorama indeed.

    On the bright side, at least the Susie's oil filter is easy to get to without the phone booth rock guard, Larry.

    1. yeah...but you see you hinge it at the back...and when you forget to bolt the front up good and becomes...a mini snowplow! Now how many guys in the hood can say they have a plow on their dirtbike?...just sayin'...