Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Shiloh's thoughts slip across the sky like a flight of migratory birds in a delivery truck. When spring beckons, with bird calls and the greening banks of babbling brooks, a young girl's fancy soon turns to corn starch and Nyquil 'neath the warmth of satin sheets in the darkened recesses of apartment number three.


  1. That's the incredibly gorgeous Tiny Brittany and her freedom mosheen . . . oh how I yearn for satin sheets and Nyquil and even the memory of one so sweet and succulent.

  2. Looks like the bike has a belt drive under that ventilated primary cover...and definitely has the bigger jugs..
    She however needs not a she
    isn't wearing any trousers , and wonders if the cable guy really will be 'right back
    And not sure about that improvised cable tie on the in #3...always interesting...