Monday, December 3, 2012

Badass Meter Reading = 89

This dude scores a solid 89 on the 1-100 Badass Meter. Not sure what he’s riding, but it damn sure ain’t a motocross bike and he’s getting some serious air flying above the hot desert sand in a t-shirt and sunglasses. After a day of hard riding over sage grass and rocks he comes home and spits the sand out of his gritted teeth, pulls the prickly pear thorns from his Dunlops and sprays the jackrabbit guts from his frame rails with a garden hose, knowing he’s a Badass.


  1. Clip-ons to boot, good stuff Hermit, been a long time comin but I reckon it'll be worth the wait !!

  2. WP. Thanks Mate, but don't get your hopes up!