Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Level 5 Badass

The Pawnee were truly badass. They hunted twelve hundred pound bison from the backs of half-wild horses with primitive, stone-tipped arrows. The Pawnee were a matriarchal society and therefore more ruthless than neighboring tribes. Stoic yet dogmatic, they often enhanced their sexual encounters with sarcastic witticism, bull whips and rubber fishing boots. They suffered in their thin-skinned hovels during drought and high winds, but in good times they danced under the scalps of vanquished invaders, blood dripping from their chins, and cooking pots filled with European gall bladders, pasta and roasted mule meat.

This Pawnee warrior gazes serenely into the distance with a peace pipe in one hand and a Colt revolver in the other, depicting our constant struggle between good and evil.

Love and Hate
Life and Death
God and Devil
Lysol and Vomit

Man’s insoluble duality

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  1. Whitey sure has been a force of good to the native peoples of the planet . . . I wonder if we taste as foul I think?