Friday, December 21, 2012

Skillet and Leroy

Nobody fucks with Skillet and Leroy. No, not the comedy team from the sixties (below). These cats are out tearin’ up St. Louis on a pair of fine scooters. Skillet’s Knuck is pretty sweet but aint’ nobody gonna’ catch Leroy when he’s ballin’ the jack on his badass HRD (Vincent) motorcycle. When these dudes hit the streets, looking’ for soul food and a place to eat anything can happen. After some chitlins and black-eyed peas they can get serious about bird doggin’ the chicks down at the juke joint.


  1. The original 'Plumbers Nightmare', a long way frombeing rescued by Phil Irving. I'm not sure what Mr H R Davies would say about this new fangled 'bobbing' caper, not to mention 'ballin', 'bird doggin', 'soul food' or 'juke joint' . . . then again, he may have just gone 'do doodoo doodood do doodoo . . . '

  2. ...been ballin' that jack, and drinkin' my wine...gotta find a rider be good to me, won't hide my likker and serve me tea...doot doot doodle doot, doot do doodleee dooooo....