Monday, December 17, 2012

Eight Maids a Milking

Actually just four, but who’s counting. I do count eight active nipples all pointed skyward, eight delightful globes of comfort and joy.
Cassandra on the left is a bit high-maintenance and when feeling a little droopy needs some support. Next we have Natasha, tall and exotic, the pride of Belarus. She likes fifties Hollywood Classics, warm puppies and Soviet-era rocket launchers. Heather is next, small and compact, she exemplifies the principle of quality over quantity. Finally, slightly apart from the others and my own personal favorite, is Monique, her raven hair cascading lazily over her milky mounds is enough to roast your chestnuts and launch your mistletoe.

This lineup of economical, small-breasted zombies are on my Christmas list. If I haven’t been too terribly naughty and Santa brings me this fine group of unflappable flappers it would keep me busy right on through the Holiday season and on into the New Year.


  1. Twelve twats a twitcing, eleven eunuchs yearning, ten tied of testicles, nine gnawed off nipples, eight aching arseholes, seven succulent scrotums, six sexy sextants, fiiiiive pubic haaaaairs, four fucking whores, three shithouse doors, two tattered drawers and a foreskin full of VD . . . or along those lines . . . sultry Monique is surely the pick for mine as well, feel free to pass her over when you have finished, oops, what a giveaway !!!

  2. Sitting in a McD's in 'Fornia, laughing to myself cuz of you two...the elder Chinese gentlemen that frequent this place on rainy days giving me the quizzical eye...thanks fellas.