Friday, February 28, 2014


Old abandoned phone booth, some kind of green donor box*, overflowing trash can, R2D2 air compressor, inexplicable concrete cube, $5.47 smokes and huge three-month-old hard-as-rock snow piles can only mean one thing.

Back in Jerkwater, baby! Broke, sunburned, and looking forward to ten more inches of snow predicted for Sunday.

*That green clothing donation box in Jerkwater is like putting a tip jar in a homeless shelter.


  1. welcome home herm, dig out some jesus and mary chain on you-tube, a couple of 'northern soul girl' videos, buy a sharp chisel and a mallett and carve somrthing beautiful out of that block of concrete, don't go anywhere near the phone booth, have you not seen dr who? cut open the green donation box and have a look for some vintage levi's or dickies workwear.........

  2. Don't poo-poo the old phone box...looks like one we pulled out of it's anchoring at one of the schools...make them an offer on it, I'm thinking the aluminum plate that things fabricated from would make one serious skid plate for your 'dirt-bike'. (been eyeing the one here in Calif....with bad intent... ( Oh yeah, thoroughly enjoyed your tales of 'travels with Sputnik. )

  3. Thanks Whitey, honey. The snowstorm was a false alarm, only a couple inches.
    I'm readjusting nicely Loveless, no need for therapy, musically or otherwise. I'd be scared to death to open that donation box. Probably some medical waste or the lifeless body of some poor victim of a local meth lab dispute.
    God knows that "dirt bike" needs a skid plate, Larry. The oil filter sticks forward and out of the bottom of the engine and it wouldn't take much to stove it in to cause a catastrophic loss of oil.