Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Breakfast in Amërïkä

On Sundays I break from my isolated, hermetic lifestyle and eat a traditional Fat Man's Breakfast with some of my pre-recluse buddies. Last week this chick named Debbie showed up. She's an Iraq war vet and served for a time in Panama so we swapped Army stories over biscuits and gravy and coffee. Turns out we had other mutual interests such as motorcycles and eating pussy so we hit it off well.

Debbie rides a sweet '80 'Zuki 750. I remember, when in the eighties, these "Jap Bikes" were looked down upon by Harley riders, and if one was parked among the Milwaukee iron their owners would curl their noses and say with disdain, "I think I smell rice burning." But these pre-liquid bikes were cool as hell and would run circles around the big twins. Debbie did a simple, rear fender relocate and scrounged up some drag bars and some old headers giving her Ricer a cool look. Sounded badass too, like a nest of angry hornets with hemorrhoids.


  1. I nearly spilt my coffee when I read the line about dining on felines . . . yeah mate, wouldn't have wanted a Jap bike, fires up first time everytime, reliable, inexpensive, handles like a, well, like a motorcycle, what the fuck would want those fucking rice burners for, that shit'll never work. Those big old air cooled Suzis, Kwakas, Hondas and Yammies were bullet proof rocket mosheens, but that sissy stuff is for queers and lesbians.

  2. Sounds like you pumped that Debbian....for information.

  3. You never cease to Amaze me! I can say that I don't know many people who sit down to a Artery-Clogging All American Breakfast of B-n-G and roll some Pussy into the conversation! Sounds like a Great morning to me and I owned a 74 Kaw 750 H2 2 Stroker so I have no reason to degrade any Jap Bikes. Ride-on!