Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chicks in the Kitchen: Eisenhower Administration Edition

In the fifties, appliances were made from sturdy, heavy gauge steel right here in the good old USA by hard working Americans. As the men worked in efficient well-lit factories, their adoring wives spent the day darning socks, baking apple pies and dusting furniture in frilly June Cleaver aprons. As evening approached, lithe young housewives would shed their aprons and cumbersome tight-fitting blouses, slip into high-heeled shoes, and prepare flavorful hearty meals for their hungry, hard-working mates.

Harken back, if you will, to a time when Rock n' Roll was young, gas was thirty cents a gallon, breasts were made from real boobie flesh and the government was spying on the Soviets, not us.


  1. It's seems like the common theme of the 50's was uncomfortable working conditions for both sexes. Topless, high heels, hot stove and stinky socks for the ladies. Appendage hungry factory machinery and asbestos for the gents. Also, I pity the droid assigned to spying on me. I like to think of it as having my own government appointed autobiographer.

  2. Yeah, back in the day when the CIA was keeping communists out of our kitchens...manly men were manning massive machines, stamping more made in 'merika appliances from real metal...not this tissue paper they use for beer cans these daze. After a day at the factory, he couldn't wait to get home and have a brewski from a can that would give you a concussion if you tried to smash it against your forehead...after dinner send the little rugrats out to play in their solid metal pedal cars...and off to the bedroom... to discuss the politics of the day with the little lady, cooled by the breeze from a made in the USA swamp cooler...