Friday, June 28, 2013


Not sure, but I think this is an REO Speedwagon, and one would have to have enormous upper body strength to steer this behemoth, as the truck was designed well before power steering was a twinkle in some engineer's eye.
If I owned this beast I'd get drunk and run over wildlife with it. On my way home from the tavern I'd make crop circle doughnuts and shit in the fertile fields and green pastures of my bucolic, rural neighborhood.
Then I'd get home and throw up into a plastic trash can.


  1. 'Murica. Looks like we found our Friday Night Badass. Dont let them uppity city folk tell you, you don't know how to party.

  2. It's always been my contention that Mr Old's finest work was of the truck persuasion, one cool rig . . . even with puke running down the side of the door !!

  3. As a teen working at Lake Tahoe I was lucky enough to have at my disposal a '69 Dodge Power Wagon...which sure was fun on the weekly runs to the dump. Gotta say though, it would look puny next to this ten-wheeled, arm-breaking, crop squashing, behemoth.

  4. When I drink whiskey there's about a ten minute window, right before I pass out, when I'm an absolute badass.

    Puke running down the passenger door is OK, but the driver side is a red flag for law enforcement officials, that's why I ride the bike when on a binge.

    Forties-era Powerwagons are cool as hell. They had big military style tires and a PTO. That was befor trucks had carpet, power windows and seat warmers. Yeeeeach! There's an awesome Powerwagon on display at the I-80 (biggest in the world they claim) truckstop in Iowa, it was always a must stop when we used to roll to Sturgis.