Friday, January 10, 2014

Hangin' Around

The river-drenched engine hangs listlessly from the ceiling of the frigid and neglected Sanctuary. The frame is in limbo as well. My good friend is still in the process of moving the metal-coating facility he runs to a new building, and is still not operational, so no powder coat for a while. Everything else is ready for paint and assembly but all is on hold for now.

My attentions have shifted to getting the hell out of The Land of White Death, and am preparing the escape pod for its maiden voyage. Was hoping to bring the rice-burner with me but don’t think the overloaded micro-truck can handle another 450 lbs. Tried to trade my Sportie for a little KLX 250, which would be a cool little ride to trip around on, but the dealer said he wanted nothing to do with a funky, modified Harley in his shop in January. So, my only 2-wheel conveyance will be my trusted mountain bike. I expect Sputnik to ride shotgun.

As I look out my window, it’s snowing again.


  1. Looking forward to reading 'Travels with Sputnik'...that's if ma nature will let you out of there.

    1. Me three Laz, especially after the delights of last year's Deluge Detour.