Thursday, January 16, 2014

Outa' Here

Winter would be OK if it ended promptly after Christmas and the temperatures would climb to 72 by New Years. But it don't work that way. My plan-like so many other Midwesterners-is to migrate southward until I find a better climate. I leave this morning on what will be the maiden voyage for the aluminum and vinyl escape module.

The manly, adventurous, part of me feels as if I'm somehow cheating and whishes I were traveling on two wheels. The other part of me, the part that doesn't like to shiver for hours at a time, wake up in a cold tent, pee in plastic bottles and wonder if the next icy overpass will be the one that sends me skidding across the pavement, is just fine with it.

How could I ever leave this winter wonderland and snow-covered heat source? Easily!


  1. Replies
    1. Not quite Whitey. Snowing like hell here this morning, and I'm not towing my new rig 'til the roads are cleared. All packed up, nothing to do but wait.
      Should have left last night.


  2. Good for you Herm... Drive South until its warm enough to go Bare Footed! Or, at least until the Snow isn't in view any direction you look. Good Luck, Be Safe (Reasonably Safe?WTF?) and Enjoy...

  3. Geee I'm shivering just looking at these pics. You and Sputnik have a good trip in the escape soon as it launches...

  4. Hope it's warm where ever you end up.

  5. typical soft yank, bailing out when the weather get's a little 'inclement' just get cuddled up to the girl in the laundrette 'doing her smalls' or, if all else fails, sputnik under the duvet, seriously Herm, i'm jealous, 100 miles any wich way see's the brit's in the sea, we can't escape it, we just got to suck it up brahhh, [well, until april anyway, then at least the rain is a tad warmer.........]

  6. Paul, Larry, BC, thanks, got off to a rough start. Loveless, if I actually got cuddled up to the laundry mat girl I'd probably dump my fabric softener before I got to the pre-wash.

    That, or a heart attack.