Sunday, January 26, 2014

"May They Rust in Peace"

Laptop's broke so I'm forced to thumb this out on the smartphone.
Passed this on my way here, but took some pics when I went back into town for supplies.

Florida, it seems, is the place to retire and die for trucks as well as rich Easterners and polite, wealthy Canadians.
This group sat in the quiet semi-circle of a shaded glen watching traffic pass by on the Costal Highway like dignified gentlemen in a State of Oxidizing Grace.


  1. Some nice iron there. Reminds me a lot of a line of rusting trucks in the 'Casa de Fruta' on the way to Steinbeck country...

  2. They're still truckin' in their minds . . .

  3. They look like their waiting for the Drive-In Movie to start... been there for a while!