Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Central Florida

Bailed out of the panhandle with threats of freezng drizzle and headed south, passng through towns with names like "Winter Haven" and "Frostproof." I'm now sequestered in a crowded State Park campground where the couple next door is cooking some foul smelling dish that, may or may not contain Spaghettios, as a main ingredient and argue non-stop, eight feet from my window. Windows I refuse to close because it would require turning on the AC which I refuse to do strictly on philosophical grounds. It's hot now, Sputnik's tongue is lolling and I'm sweating. Not used to this heat, reaffirming what I've always believed; that the human condition is one of constant dissatisfaction.
But the beer's cold and it's great entertainment watching these old farts trying to back their ridiculously gargantuan motor homes into these small campsites.
I've got people around Port Charlotte and I'll head ther in the morning.

Gotta' get my laptop fixed, my thumbs are getting cramps.


  1. Hang in there! The cold ain't so bad here, it is a dry cold! Tell everybody I said hola!
    Iron Vaquero

  2. Good to see that nobody's gone deliverance on you and Sputnik. Enjoy the heat,cause it's colder than a bankers heart up here in"the good life" state.

  3. hmmn...maybe it was Quinoa and Kale they were cooking? That constant dissatisfaction sounds not bad compared to the ice and snow ?.Even for that couple that gets to bitch and argue with someone they love in the comfort of there own abode ? Could be worse , they could calm down and have make up sex, then invite the neighbour for dinner?
    I rode by the Natches parkway a few years back going down Hwy 61, on my way to New Orleans. Its a bit of an excursion from the left coast of Kanata but I've always wanted go back ride a stretch of it,....just not in the heat of Aug.

  4. Hot dog . . . don't you dare start to grumbling mate, you can't have everything, and beside, even if you could, where would you put it all ? Keep on rollin Herm !!

  5. Give me the Heat any day over the Frigid Cold, The Cool Snap will be over in a couple of days and we will settle down into the low 80's for a while! Port Charlotte is a nice area but just remember to tell Little Sputnik that "Every" hole of water generally has a Gator or two lurking around just waiting for a quick meal and that just won't do!

  6. Sputnik says..Dang! And I thought poopsicles were a hassle...