Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lovely Weather this Weekend in Jerkwater

Shackleton would be proud.


  1. No kidding. Our +36 last night is feeling downright toasty now.

    1. The forecast high for Monday is -11 F (-24 C)
      That's the HIGH!

  2. yanks. always bitchin' and moanin'. get over to the loveless merch page and get yourselves some 'onesies' all-in-one man suits and 'painted-nails' toe-warmers ordered up and laugh at the cold as you strut down main street oblivious to the cat-calls........shackleton, shmackelton, pah, i've walked the dogs in my onesie and toe-warmers today, in england, in january, no problem.

  3. Yeah well, I just weep for all the poor leopards who gave their lives, just so you could strut around through the mud looking fashionable and sexy.

  4. All you northern hemispherians can keep that shit for good, wind chill is when my face gets cold on a two degree celsius night, those numbers are just manufactured so us south of the equator will be lulled into thinking your all hard fuckers.