Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chicks in the Kitchen

SWBM (single, white, bald man) seeking big-boned woman with awesome right shoulder tattoo, sultry lips, eighties-style big hair and rooster-themed dish towels. Must be able to bake a mean casserole and look good in oven mitts.


  1. Not an impossible to fulfill wish list mate, she could be just the trick . . . I like the way she keeps her dirty boots off the bench top, hygiene matters in my books.

  2. She's a match! Let me know where you two register so I can send you more cocky kitchen towels.
    Don't let those broken down playground equipment lion eyebrows shes sporting stop you either. Noones perfect.

  3. Yes, neatness counts, O prolific pundit.

    Laura, there is a slight resemblance.

    "Women kill for eyebrows like hers."
    Elaine Benes 1994

    1. Re: eyebrows. Kinda reminds me of Uncle Leo's sharpied on ones as well.

  4. All I can say is ... "All this Work is messin' up my F.O. Time"!
    Look what I've been missing. Another Fine Selection.