Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Badass

My feelings about cats is generally ambivalent. I neither love nor hate them. I don't believe they should live in a domestic setting within the home, an excrement laden sandbox has no appeal for me. However, I gotta' give it up to my boy Shopcat VIII. He is a true North Amërïkän Badass. He terrorizes Mudflap the Wonderdog and ambushes all who pass before him from 'neath the juniper bushes, assaulting ankles and fatted calves with abandon. He is a hunter of the highest order and has decimated the once-bloated field mouse population. I've personally witnessed him eat a still-wiggling grasshopper in less than four seconds. He consumes sun-dried frogs and earthworms, crunching them in his mighty jaws.
He walks around with the presence of a Lord and has a disproportionally large scrotal sac which contain the mysteries of feline reproduction and the origin of Ted Nugent's chronic pyrexia.


  1. Idyllic setting you got there.

  2. Cool view! No wonder he's such a Badass, he got the Coolest Garden I've seen in a long time to hand out in! I wouldn't want any invaders coming my way either. How are his Ice Skating skills?

  3. It's idyllic for about an hour in the early morning. After that the heat and stifling humidity take over. By mid November it will rain every day with steady, twenty mph winds. By late December the snows come and the pond freezes over, and it all becomes a veritable tundra which lasts through March. That's when we'll find out about 8's ice skating skills, and I'll descend slowly into madness once again.

  4. Scrotal sac . . . two words I love to see beside each other, pussy power . . . meeeooow !!!

  5. No ambivalent mind, i'm in the box of " the cat's adorer".
    Big phat tiger tomcat who terrorized the hood are my favorites.

    1. Yes Mama, I think this guy is a misplaced alley cat with a bad attitude.

  6. His pose resembles the 'Hobo symbol' for 'Kind-hearted woman'....sure fooled those meece...