Thursday, August 15, 2013

GP Bound

I'm buggin' off work tomorrow, Guzzi-loving Bruce and I are headed down to The Speedway for MotoGP practice day. Hot sun, hot babes, hot bikes. A time for White Trash and Euro Trash to mingle, get drunk, get funky and smoke cigarettes. Get to ride on the famed oval (for a short stretch) real fast and set our kickstands on Indy tarmac.


  1. Taking your Sportster? Sounds like a kick in the shorts.

    1. Not sure Larry. Gonna' be chilly in the am.. Probably the 'Zuki so I can lock my jacket and helmet.
      Either way, it beats working.

  2. Beats just about any bloody thing mate, unreal. Have a phat time buddy. That bike is the full horn !!!

  3. I agree, the Hell with Work! Put your Knee's in the Breeze and Let's Ride! Enjoy...

  4. School is for fools. Work is for jerks. Have a good time all the time!

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