Friday, August 2, 2013

That's the Brakes

I'd love to put a set of PM rear calipers on this bike, but I don't have an extra six-hundred bucks laying around. Screwing around in the shop last night with a set of stock XL calipers and they seemed to nestle into the frame nicely. The stock Sportster caliper uses the swingarm as an anchor. Considering tacking a piece of 1 1/2" channel to the inside of the bottom tail section of the frame. I'll need a shorter axle adjuster as well.

Love to hear from anyone who's done this or something similar and can enlighten me.


  1. Make sure to leave room for the caliper to slide with the wheel. That's tough with nothing moving parallel to the axle travel. Maybe a stay bar or a tie rod (in tension) is a better choice for this. As for the axle, I would just use a bolt and jam nut in the opposite direction, Maybe a socket head.

  2. Thanks Ry. Confirms my concerns about binding as the axle was adjusted. Have a great weekend, Man.

  3. Take a look at a stock Harley softail set up. I put one on a rigid few years back and it was'nt much of a stretch . Don't know if this brake is like that or not.

  4. B.C. I'm not familiar enough with a Softail caliper to know if they'll work on a right-side drive Sporty, but if so it's an option.

  5. ahhh, rear brakes? to tell you the truth hermit i don't use them unless i'm riding on wet grass or gravel or both, i just use the front brake, it's much more effective, i generally use the brembo four-pot caliper [off ducati's various models, dirt cheap, easily found on e-bay etc and a great brake caliper for a few dollars] i used a drum brake on my sporty hardtail bike, light, cheap and let's face it who ever uses a rear brake?, you can lose loads of un-sprung weight, [the disc weighs a bloody ton, you are riding around with something you rarely use] even on my race bikes i can't remember using my rear brake, ok, apart from the time when i fucked it up at snetterton on the 250 mz when i went into the chicane 30 miles an hour too fast on wet grass and somehow managed to keep the plot together by standing on the rear brake] and anyway, a drum rear looks ace to boot, just saying.....

    1. Yeah Loveless I might just go all Fred Flinstone.

      I've been dragging my feet on this build anyway.