Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Moto GP stuff.

One of the cool things about the GP is that all the infield of the track is occupied by tents and booths. All the major motorcycle manufacturers had tents. Got to see some new bikes which will come out in the fall.

An awesome retro Honda. air cooled 1100 four.

Ducati Supermotard. A friend of mine rides one.I want one of these so bad.


An electric race bike. Didn't see them run, but they look pretty cool.

Saw this in the Honda tent. It's a 250 and the MSRP is $4999.00 Pretty cool little bike for less than 5K.

Brucie fell hopelessly in love with this Yamaha Tenere. If he wasn't so cheap and was about eight inches taller, he'd have bought it.
With the Warn winch mounted on its tail this bike can pull school buses out of muddy ditches.


  1. Must avert eyes from the new Honda 'Retro'....just read about that one and how they've brought it over to the states. Need to to get a 'new bike smell' tag, to hang on one of my old Hondas...

  2. I had to avert my eyes often that day, Larry. Especially the Ducati. don't like the paint on the one pictured, but the all red one is tight. Would be a fun bike to buzz around on.