Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chicks in the Kitchen

Cabinet doors wide open, crappy geometric tile, dirt smudged near door pulls, no visible pop tarts and worst of all, that pussy shouldn't be on the countertop.

                     No Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for you!


  1. I'm liking them Freckels, mostly the 2 big ones on the Front! and I'm with you on "No Pussy on the Counter Top"

  2. Doors wide open, dirty smudges, pop tarts and pussies . . . sexual allegory abounds, my innocence is shattered !!!

  3. Maurice the cat sez, that may be... Hermitman...but she is a 'kind hearted woman'...and keeps my left-overs sealed in 'genuine Tupperware'...bless her.

  4. Paul, she has freckles on her butt, she is pretty.

    Whitey, you have a filthy mind.

    Larry, she looks kind and generous, and by generous I mean ample.