Friday, May 31, 2013

My First Hot Rod and Aunt Jeanne's '60 Impala

Yesterday's El Camino post reminded me of a pic I had in an old album. This is me in 1961 with my Aunt's '60 Impala Ragtop in the background. I remember it well, fire engine red with a white interior.

Don't know what Aunt Jeanne had under the hood, but mine had pedals and wasn't worth a shit on grass.

With my awesome sled and that bitchin' hat I was scoring big time with the neighborhood chicks in '61.


  1. Very cool shot. Somewhere in my families albums is a shot of my brother sitting in an earlier 50's version of a fire Chief's ride. He's still in diapers and looks kinda confused and sweaty in the Riverside Calif. heat,not as cool and carefree as you look in your car. We know where you are...what ever became of those two cool Hot Rods?

  2. Bet you pulled all the Pre-K tail in that car.

  3. Don't know what became of those rides. That Fire Chief pedal car, in excellent condition today, may be worth close to the purchase price of the Chevy in '60.

    Yep, I charmed the old school cloth diapers off all the little Jewish girls in Queens when I pedaled down the road ringing that bell.

  4. To Cool! I too had the Bad Ass Pedal Car and Red must have been the color to go with. I wish I still mine too but it is what it is.