Monday, May 13, 2013


Been so busy I've had little time for posting stupid shit on the blog.

After my trip south in March I had to work on my trucks and building some other stuff for work. After sitting around all winter, I'm now busy as hell with the good weather. Feast or famine and all that crap.

My River Rat Rigid sits as I left it, neglected, and slowly rusting on the table. I hope to make a few bucks, buy some parts, and have more time when things slack off midsummer.

Meanwhile, I will endeavor to persevere.


  1. Know that seems to get in the way of stuff. You seem to keep your blog rolling with regular posts...something I've been slacking on myself. Always find your stuff entertaining. River Rat Rigid, rolls off the tounge nicely...

  2. Oh yeah, I remember writing a pretty decent haiku about this bike awhile back. I see my poetry has had little effect on you. Back to street rhymin' I s'pose.