Friday, May 10, 2013

Unsafe at any Speed

Followed this dumbass (at a safe distance) for about a mile. His trailer hitch scraped the road every time he hit the slightest bump. Don't know if he negotiated a successful turn or lost the whole load on top of a Toyota.

Be careful, they're out there!


  1. Stupid people are everywhere. Everywhere.

  2. And let's not forget their California cousins that lash newly bought queen size boxsprings and mattresses to the top of the family wagon with 6 lb. test twine...for a quick jaunt home ...on the freeway! Nearly got taken out by one thet got free, while on my old Black Bomber 450 Honda a few years ago. Did enjoy the look of confusion and amazement when he realized what I was shouting about when I caught up with him....Dumbasses!!!

  3. Yep, when a ladder or a sofa falls on the road and gets run over by a truck it's funny, but not so much for someone on two wheels.

    Be vigilant and ever-watchful my friends, the careless, reckless and haphazard are out there, and they're not all in Washington D.C.