Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday Afternoon Beer Run & the Price One Pays for Looking Sexy

It's finally warm here in the vast RedState Midwest with temperatures in the eighties. I've broken out my summer wardrobe, feeling good and looking sexy. I went for a late afternoon beer run on my trashed-out, wrecked, and recovered Superglide, like an innocent, free-spirited, fully-circumcised schoolboy, wearing hot pants, a skin-tight wife-beater, cheap sunglasses and Budweiser trucker hat. Picked up a six pack of imported Mexican beer at the local rural liquor outlet and loaded up the sissy-bar mounted backpack ready to blast home on fumes and sweat-dropped beer-bottle condensation. As I hit the solenoid starter switch, I burned my leg on the straight pipes, leaving a small hunk of burnt flesh on the blued chrome.

I've been burning my leg on the same spot for thirty f@#kin" years, and still haven't learned not to ride in shorts.

Took the whole six pack to recover from the pain, shame and anguish.


  1. been there, done that, i've got hi-level supertrapps on my sporty and they get me everytime! best one ever was when i asked my mate dangerous to pick up my bike from the annual m.o.t, [it's an annual check on your bike in merrye olde england where you have to bolt everything, or nearly everything standard back onto your bike, they check it, give you a cert, you can get your road tax and insurance and blammo, you're legal, until you bolt all the illegal parts back on the moment you get back from the m.o.t station, go figure...] anyhoo, dangerous pick's up my bike, it's a nice day, he's wearing short's, decides to go for a ride and? barbecued human inner thigh anyone?, mmmm, yummy!

  2. Yep, the burn looks worse today, it's taken on an angry purple color.

    Inner thigh burn sounds painful, but I'd rather have my scrotum burned with a curling iron than face an annual inspection on my bikes.

  3. Time for a heat shield and/or asbestos least cut the ends off a soup can and slide it over that pipe.