Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paperback Classic

In my neck of the Backwoods the trailer park bimbos weigh considerably more than the almost tramp pictured here, a bi-product of soft drinks, beer consumption and hours spent watching daytime TV while slamming fried chicken by the bucket. The mannish face is pretty close, the bi-product of inbreeding and heavy cigarette use.

Noted author Gil Brewer had a bestseller with 13 French Street and then went and sold out and wrote Backwoods Teaser. But what the hell, a guy’s gotta’ pay the rent and it’s still pretty good entertainment for two bits.


  1. The almost tramp kinda looks like Amy Winehouse. RIP. I wonder which happens more often, becoming an almost tramp, an accidental prostitute or a weekend whore. Anyways, this book can't be all bad, it looks like it won a Gold Medal in the book Olympics.

  2. What exactly a tramp?
    Traditionally a loveable, homeless wanderer with a bindle of his meager belongings slung across his back. A carefree traveler prone to robbing eggs from a setting hen or pilfering laundry from unattended clothes lines.
    I think our backwoods teaser is more likely a vamp. An insecure young woman with a neglectful or absent father who compensates for her lack of a stable male influence by being promiscuous and flailing away at the spiders and demons who penetrate her soul by burrowing through the tiny openings in her brain stem, planting the seeds of discontent.

    1. Vamp it is then. And probably down the road she will have a career as an easy loving cooch dancer.

  3. I thought it was Kirstie Allie, in her 'Bud Light' period...