Friday, May 3, 2013

Mysterious Hippie Van, Broke Down South of Burlington

I spotted this hippie wagon, seemingly abandoned in the sleepy village of Burlington, Indiana. Located in the very heart of Redstate Amërïkä.

They don't smoke marijuana in Burlington.

But the meth labs and bootleg food stampers thrive on subsidized agriculture and addiction. Between hookworm treatments, the local unwed mothers lounge on crudely fashioned plywood porches watching the barefoot children play in the mud and discarded beer cans. New spring grasses struggle to grow in trash-strewn yards among the brightly-colored dandelions and last winter's dog shit.

In front of decrepit houses, once proud old men sit on buckets and lawn chairs, cigarettes clenched between grim teeth, as they watch the livestock trucks rumble through town carrying the undead swine to their final destination. Shrieking indignation, pink skin pressed against vent holes, urine and vomit oozing through floor drains, leaving a faint trail of trichinosis on the crumbling pavement of highway 39.

And there, on the edge of town tucked in beside the rail tracks, a broke-down purple microbus sits lonely and out of place, still smelling of residual patchouli, body odor and hemp, its owners unseen. Hopped a freight on The Santa Fe line no doubt, headed for Woodstock, like wandering, psychedelic ghosts.


  1. Alls I knows is when the Hells Angels aren't riding around on their bikes they really like VWs bus. My parents own a '77 Pop-top bus and we used to drive to different states in it for vacation. On this particular trip we were making our way through Laughlin Nevada and there happened to be a Angels bike rally. Now picture the Brady Bunch on driving along on their merry way singing Wheels on the Bus when a biker gang pulls up along side and yells out compliments about our van to my Dad who was driving. Pretty terrifying/terrific for a bunch of squares such as ourselves.

    1. Must of thought you were some cool squares...there was a Bay Area punk band called 'Square Cools'...some of them are still alive.

  2. Long as they're yelling compliments it's all good.

    Alice, the maid, used to ride a chopped panhead in the sixties.

  3. Fucking genius, acerbic, insightful stuff mate . . . even taking the piss can be ejamakayshunal . . . nice to come back to some wholegrain brainfood.