Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1941 WLA

Always loved these flat-paint O.D. green warriors. They’re cool as hell outfitted with a leather scabbard designed to hold the Thompson submachine gun, like a fully automatic Chuck Connors, mowing down Fascists like wheat stalks on the Kansas prairie. The Motor Company made tens of thousands of them as they shifted most of their production to Government contracts, churning them out in record numbers for the Allied Forces.
After the war the US Army had thousands of these bikes in surplus. The GI’s returned home, flush with victory and pent-up frustration. They bought them with their bonus checks for a hundred bucks, bobbed the fenders, pulled off the crash bars and tore across the country brawling, drinking beer and banging all the sexually frustrated Rosie Riveters in gabardine and saddle shoes.

Not sufficient, but at least some measure of therapy for PTSD.

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