Monday, April 1, 2013

Armed and Exhausted

Despite being well-armed, this guy looks like he needs a double-shot of NyQuil® and a good nights sleep.

Computer's broken so I'm reduced to thumbing out posts with the smartphone. Should have it all figured out by midsummer.


  1. 'Sons of Panicky', armed and hunting for brain cells . . . look upon yonder Brutus, he doth possess that lean and hungry look . . . way too much speed going on there, and I'm not referring to the Trumpy between his legs, needs to replace the kickstart pawls by the look as well.

  2. The SS stands for Strawberry Smoothie. April Fools. That chap is more tired than most of my jokes. Something tells me Nyquil is not gonna cut it for this hombre. And shit Hermit is like 80 but he knows how to use a smart phone. Be careful, there is a lot of weirdos on the internet. Believe everything you read on here, but trust noone.

  3. Smartphone are smart so the user can be dumb.
    Bath salts, seventy-two hours without sleep and crossbows don't seem like a great combo.

  4. Dang Laura, if Hermit's 80...I'm like 90 or something...good thing I bought a smart phone.
    Guess our nutters in the sidehack were going so fast, they drove off the page!

  5. Yeah, HL I don't know what happened to those guys either. My smartphone skills are still developing.