Friday, April 26, 2013

Paperback Classic

Some people look at the glass as being half-full, others see it as half-stoned.
I guess it depends what's in the glass.

Chick needs to quit crying over spilled wine and find her car keys.


  1. What the hell is She whinning about? Some people are just never satisfied! Just how in the hell does a Man sit with their legs crossed like that?

  2. She's full on crying because when he was half stoned he admitted he was sorta gay. (Leg cross, unbelievable abs and pink couch really shoulda been her first clues). I bet the Georgeous Hussy never had to deal with this kinda BS.

  3. Him: Sorry babe. All the cool kids are masterbating.

    Her: This is the last time I use Craiglist to find a husband.

  4. Her thought bubble:

    Oh no, what have I done?

    His thought bubble:

    I'm such a stud!
    My abs are incredible.
    I wish she'd get her foot off my shoe.