Friday, April 19, 2013

A Fool and His Money....

When ordering a replacement for the pannier lid I lost during my March Madness trip South, I decided to order a Top Case for the Interstellar Japanese Galaxy Traveler. After all, it’s only money and I don’t have near enough European aluminum on the bike. The instructions for the slick, three-piece locking mount were in German only, with no real diagrams so it took several hours and nearly a twelve pack of beer to figure out how to mount it.

I’m doing all I can to help out the faltering EU economy, while I personally go broke. Now I’ll be ready for my next ill-fated assault on Amërïkä’s highways and byways.


  1. Talking of gorgeous hussy's, very swish mate, and you're keeping more than one economy afloat, don't forget the alcoholic beverage producer as well.

  2. I made the mistake of getting drunk and trying to put some IKEA furniture together. I ended up sticking an umluat in the wrong Ø.
    Cute silver box thing Hermit.

  3. I've ended up having to assemble other peoples IKEA purchases. Enough to make me quit visiting my 'friends'...sheeeesh!

    Nice compannier for the panniers...I might yet attempt to 'do it myself' and fabricate a set...

  4. I support Japanese motorcycle manufactures, German silver box thing makers, Mexican beer brewers and Australian wine pushers whenever I can.
    I'd rather try to assemble the Hadron Supercollider than a f@#kin' computer desk.
    The real genius of the Touratech panniers are the mounting brackets. They're only 1/2 +- tubing but I bet, once installed, you could lift the bike with them. The boxes could be fabricated and fitted to the brackets. The expensive top case could be replaced with a milk crate and a ratchet strap, but I don't want to put some poor German out of work.
    Those Mexican workers in the Corona brewery's jobs are safe as long as I stay out of jail.

  5. Finally remembered to add your fine blog to "My bloglist" at my lil blog, might increase your readership by at least 2....that cat in Russia and the guy in Afganistan, if I can believe blogger's "audience tracker"....