Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Backfield in Motion

I have no idea what's going on here, other than I find it somewhat disturbing............

...........and it looks like something you might find on The Haints Blog.

Critter football?

Ghetto Lingerie Bowl?

Naked bootleg?


  1. Perhaps Barry O and the Missus are getting ready for a discreet role playing session in the Oval office?

  2. First I thought I'd ended up in the weird part of Youtube...again, or had made a wrong turn onto the Haint's Blog. Then it became obvious that Mr. Redford has just driven by on the 'Panty Dropper Chopper' , and the young ladies have broken out in a 'Sundance'..The disturbing part is yet to come, all I'll say is that it involves Sally in the alley...with Ranch dressing and Baco-bits...

  3. Both theories have merit, but why in the Mojave?

    I've never been to the weird part of Youtube. Well almost never.

    The chick on the right may be taking a dump.

  4. Hairy Larry, FTW. And Jimmy the Greek is turning over in his grave right now because he missed the chance to comment on this game. I'm rooting for the chick with the peg leg on the left.

  5. Unsettling in so many ways Herm, but it's good to put yourself in places you wouldn't normally venture, outside The Haints blog of course.