Thursday, April 11, 2013

4 Sale

Ever wonder what it would be like to thunder down the street on a motorcycle so awesome, that men cower in fear and women become aroused by its very presence? A bike, equipped with fifteen-inch Progressive rear shocks and a lowered front end, that can carve up a twisty mountain road like a billy goat on bath salts. Think what it would be like to have at your disposal, with a simple twist of the wrist, the ability to unleash untold power and excitement. Frighten your neighbors and impress your friends with a cacophony of thunderous noise, like the hellish explosions of a thousand satanic firecrackers, emanating from the ceramic-coated Vance and Hines two-into-one exhaust pipes.
This ‘97 XL 883 is part flat-tracker, part cafĂ© racer, part naked street fighter and all treachery and venom, designed and built to rattle windows and frighten small children.

I know the history of this bike from its humble beginnings as a baby-blue bagger with windshield, sissy bar and crash bars. 5,400 original miles. New tires, good battery and a nasty attitude.

I only rode it twice last summer, its awesomeness is far too awesome for a man of my mild manner and pleasant disposition. I must make room in the stable, so my loss is your gain.

This bike could change your life for $4800.00 cash. Won’t last long on Craigslist, let me know if interested.


  1. Well, its no Captain America bike, but this baby would sell super fast in the SF Bay Area, on account of it being the Giant's team colors. I don't think I have to tell you how fanatical baseball fans can be.

  2. One super cool sled Herm, totally diggin on it mate, shit hot price too mate.

  3. Nice looking hotrod there Hermit. What kind of wheels are those?

    1. They're stock wheels. A guy I ride with powder-coated them for me.