Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekend Fascists

F#%kin' Jimmy Johns in Broadripple.
This is how it starts, first Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then it's all week.

Next thing you know they're taking our guns, making us wear helmets and herding us into boxcars.


  1. WTF . . . were you bloody two wheeled types actually parking inside the place?? How fucking cocked up is that shit ????

  2. I usually lay the blame at Marlon Brando's feet. After that provocative and sensational biker flick he did.Life magazine didn't help either, after the way they sensationalized the Hollister bash...
    Seriously though, I guess they don't want the business.that's a real gated community mentality going on there.

    this smartphone posting is not as easy as it seems

  3. Doesn't say anything about No mopeds. There's your loophole.
    You're doing great Hairy Larry. Next thing you know you'll be posting without typing at all.

  4. Yep Larry, I guess they're ok with rape and pillage during the week. I may just bust through the front door on my ratty Superglide next Friday, order a sub, then chase the patrons around the parking lot with mayonaise, banana peppers and salami fragments drooling from my deranged lips.

  5. Btw, speaking of "The Wild Ones" how did Marlon Brando keep that bus driver hat on his head at sixty miles an hour with no windshield?

    1. I guess special effects we're better than we thought back then.Actually Laura I'm doing this with 80 percent voice recognition and the other 20 percent trying to correct mistakes with my fat finger....which can be really frustrating trying to get that little cursed cursor where you want it!

    2. Voice recognition? Damn Larry, you've got me beat. That's some Star Trek shit right there. I'm afraid if I tried that my phone would pretend it didn't know me.

    3. The same magic tape that keeps designer gowns covering the boobs of the rich and vacuous at Hollyweird events. Totally your scoot featured above too Herm, honest, functional shit always gets me stoked.

  6. fukin how rude.......
    if i lived there i would never visit that shit hole ever
    unless i was in the car :)