Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chicks in the Kitchen

I'm feeling a real fifties vibe this week so I present this classic blast from the past. Also, I like the cut of her jib, and by jib I mean her see-through outfit and decorative floral-designed apron.

I also think I see a tongue sticking out of the soap dish.


  1. She's dropped the mainsail and torn the spinnaker by the look of things Herm, time for some dry-dock repairs methinks Cap'n . . .

  2. And to think only a decade later women would be eschewing and setting ablaze their restrictive and confining see-through undergarments. As well as trading in their flowered aprons for flowers in their hair.

    The tongue in the "soap dish" *wink*? Well, I reckon that tradition will stand, sit and lay the test of time for ages to come.

  3. I really dig it all, Lace Garments, Apron of Roses and really think the Tongue coming out of the Soap Dish is a nice touch but one thing bothers me... Why in the Heel do all these Blonde Chicks Dye their Eyelashes Black? Carpet, Drapes... Curtain-Rods?

  4. aaah, thats where i left my tongue! sorry about that, i'm always losing that thing...

  5. Whitey, Living 800 miles from the nearest ocean I'll defer to your sailing knowledge, but her poop-deck still looks seaworthy to me.(at least in 1958)

    Laura, That see-through, nylon bra would go up quick.

    Paul, I'm more of a brunette man myself, and never dug the Sharpie eyebrow look either.

    Loveless, Y'know that soap dish tongue kind of reminds me of The Rolling Stones logo. Good British lads, all.