Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Badass

Some people swim with sharks.

Some run with the bulls.

This dude is so badass he SWIMS with the bulls!

Or maybe he just enjoys the intimacy of a wet and docile bull against his thighs as he bathes them in the warm, swirling waters of the River Ganges....... And who could blame him?


  1. I've always dreamt of one day visiting mystical India, to bathe in the sacred, spiritually purifying waters of the Ganges . . . along with the raw turds, dead bodies, flaming funeral pyres, bloated bovine carcasses, rats, millions of other filthy bodies and gigalitres of industrial waste and wash all my myriad, western sins away . . .

  2. The amount of bullshit and red tapeworms this man had to wade through just to get his bi-yak boating license was rediculous.

  3. No bull Larry.

    I share your enchantment with the subcontinent, Whitey.

    Red tape-worms, I get it. Indian bullacracy is a bitch.