Thursday, July 11, 2013


Reading some of Larry's recent posts has me fired up to start tinkering with the rigid project again. Scraped up some money and ordered some parts. And the magic UPS truck rolled in and delivered. I'm especially excited about the rotten bananas.

Managed to wrestle the motor up on the bench and the frame back on the "stand." Huge progress. (Ha, ha)

Shop Cat VIII is always right in the way.

The life of a shop cat is difficult at best. I provide food, water and shelter but it's up to them to avoid trucks, tractors, coyotes and antifreeze. The Compound is located about five miles from an impoverished, sleepy, meth-lab of a town. The resident rednecks like to dump their cats on the road in front and some end up making their way to the shop. This one showed up about three weeks ago and seems friendly and pretty smart, but lazy as hell.


  1. Looks like Shop Cat VIII's presence was all you needed to leap into ambivalent apathy and vasillation mate . . . I know what it's like . . . now, where did I put Project Shoveller ???

  2. Why isn't Mudflap keeping that cat in check?

  3. I can vacillate with the best of 'em.

    Mudflap is scared of cats and low-flying aircraft.

  4. That's funny, reading your post about your current project a while back, got me to thinking about my many projects. All my cats are adopted abandoned critters. No coyotes in the city here, but lots of stray pitbulls and other dogs roaming around. Found a hypodermic needle out on my lawm the other day, and had a bicycle stolen a few weeks ago, just when I thought the 'hood was getting a little better....

  5. I think a 'lawm is a particularly loamy lawn...

  6. I'm generally a dog person, but I like cats as long as they don't come into the house.
    I thought lawm was short for lawmower.