Thursday, March 21, 2013

All About the Stickers

I’m a fool for stickers. The real reason I take trips is to collect stickers from points of interest along the way and paste them on the bike. Kind of like a gunslinger cutting a notch on his pistol handle, or a Groupie making plaster casts of Rock Star penis’.
My old Electra Glide had stickers from Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Indiana, Florida, Michigan’s UP, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and more plastered all over the tour pack. The guy I sold it to didn’t like them, but letting go of those stickers was almost as hard for me as letting go of the bike.
I’ve ridden hundreds of miles out of my way to collect stickers. Florida was a target-rich area and I found several to paste on the panniers.

By the way,one of my pannier lids is lying on the side of the road somewhere in Georgia…….Damn it!


  1. Save our National Parks, for sure. We need help over in California. I hear they've got some pretty sweet stickers as well. Hint, hint. I used to collect pins of all the parks when I was younger. My Mesa Verde pin was my prized possession.

  2. Should of stole a stop sign, and grabbed a 'Bronson rock' from the side of the road and fashioned a new lid,and be on yer way...seriously that's a bummer, I looked up what those panniers cost. I'm thinking of fabricating some after seeing some do it yourself stuff on the web.
    Stickers bring back the memories. When I got over the shock of having one of my old mechanic top boxes stolen, and even though it took years to replace it all...I think I miss all the stickers on that box most.
    Got a chuckle out of Shinya and Ayu using a heat gun to remove and transfer stickers from their old van to it's replacement over at Shinya Kimura's blog.

  3. Yep, the lid, itself, will cost over a hundred dollars. I figured I'd lose one, it took five years, but it happened. I'm thinking about installing hinges on the front end of the boxes. Touratech sells a little cable to prevent loss but I think they should be hinged.
    If you build some definitely make them more loss-proof.